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50 Mobile Gaming Companies Dominating In 2022



The addictive Mii builder, Miitomo released in 2016 was an accessible game for everyone. PineSucceed can program custom analytics and data gathering tools so that you can analyze where you are lacking as a gaming service provider. Please feel free to fill our contact form and our business analyst would get in touch with you shortly with a quote. We code independent elements and then put them together to create the final version.

Mobile Game Development Company

It also depends on the experience level of the programmer and the technical requirements of the mobile game. They used to be a force in online flash entertainment, namely games. They extended this expertise to mobile phones and other platforms. Social Point specializes in free-to-play games, a good thing for many gamers, young and old. Social Point’s specialty is a game called Dragon City, where players hatch and care for their own dragons, earning them major acclaim on mobile and Facebook.


We deliver rich gaming experiences that stem out through the most creative minds. We incline towards modern methods and frameworks that support futuristic applications accessorized with unique features and functions. Our company and services are known to be one of the best when it comes to catering to gaming application needs and solutions.

This Russian developer has become a juggernaut in PC and mobile games. Playrix developed titles like Fishdom, Township, and Gardenscapes. Plarix’s addictive puzzle games have proven to be extremely popular with the public, and it shows through the company’s sales figures. The company is considered one of the premier mobile game developers in the Western world. PineSucceed is also known for integrating blockchain while developing mobile gaming resources for its clients. This engine is a helping hand for gaming developers with limited coding skills but a capable and creative mind for animation.

They’ve developed Candy Crush, the phenomenon that took over the world.

And their annual revenue totaling a staggering $275 million. If you’ve ever played Farmville of Word with Friends, you know Zynga. There was a time where I was glued to my phone trying to find the best word to beat my friends and family at Words with Friends. Bandai Namco has franchises like .hack, Dragon Ball, and Gundam.

With our 24×7 assistance in all of your technical needs you will feel constant reliance from our side. You can rely on our services for meeting your gaming app development needs. Firstly we talk to our clients and try to gain as much information as possible regarding their goals. The platform for which they are developing the mobile app, etc. We have extensively employed Artificial Intelligence in developing countless gaming app projects. We have creative heads with years of experience in producing some of the best art for mobile games.

Developing Unique Games

This process is carefully curated by our team leaders, project after project to ensure the most efficient development experience. It is one of the most modern and royalty-free game development platforms based on CryEngine. It is extensively used by big-name game developers worldwide. Unity is the largest platform with the help of which gaming apps are developed for mobiles.

In the blueprint, all-important development phases are carefully mentioned. Brain Technosys specializes in developing responsive and feature-rich games for Android & IOS. We have developed dozens of games so far with thousands of downloads. Our Game Development strategy revolves around providing your users with the best features, navigation, and playing experience.

We have a highly experienced team of unity developers capable of leveraging the rich features of unity and handling all kinds of requests for our clients. PineSucceed being the leading game development agency has all the necessary experience to develop quality video game applications. We have several clients who have relied on our video game development services like post-development application maintenance and support.

  • And their annual revenue totaling a staggering $275 million.
  • While working with us, you will realize that our game app developers for hire are not only keen to deliver the best, but they make sure to make it a reality.
  • A large chunk of their success lies with their release, Puzzles & Dragons, which mashes up puzzle genres and RPG elements.
  • And its different licensed games for Family Guy, Futurama, and even Snoopy.
  • That means that they have the backing of a great parent company, and things look bright for them.
  • The delivery of the final product is done well before the deadlines to ensure proper testing by the users.

Using his vast experience of gaming, game culture, and all things tech, Bryan aims to deliver the most up-to-date and captivating game design content to readers. Gameloft, founded nearly twenty years ago, has been developing games on mobile for a while now. Their personal philosophy is ‘to entice customers to actually buy products’.

At one point, Monster Strike had a daily revenue near $4 million. This led to Monster Strike being the most downloaded app ever. An earlier company on the list, Tencent, owns a large stake in the company, moving Supercell further down. Some of their mobile releases, like Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars earned them billions. They also released a Marvel version in which the Tsums now represent our favorite superheroes. One such game, Disney Tsum Tsum, is a fast-paced game in which the player has to connect three or more sequences of Tsums—loveable versions of characters together to achieve a high score.

Our Game Design And Development Process

Gaming Industry has captured a significant portion of serious gamers in the smartphone market as well. This is the reason why most of the leading game developing companies are releasing games for phones. We have a highly qualified team of game developers at PineSucceed. Our game developers can create engaging gaming apps for all kinds of platforms like android, iOS, and windows. We have in-house animators capable of animating your gaming idea in the most aesthetically engaging ways possible.

Mobile Game Development Company

Retrocube offers copious amounts of strategies and solutions made to bring you triumph. PineSucceed is a world-renowned mobile app development company. We have developed some of the best mobile apps for all kinds of industries and the gaming industry is definitely one of them. You must choose us for your game development projects because of the following reasons. The growing demand for video games around the world has prompted CrazyLabs executives to consider increasing their production capacity. They decided to launch a development team in Ukraine, a country with a good selection of qualified, highly motivated, and loyal local developers.

I think the diversity of titles under their belt puts them a cut above the rest. We conceptualize and develop some of the most inimitable games capable of achieving colossal success and gleaning unmatched appreciation. We share constant prototypes with our clients to make them aware of all the important development phases. Our clients can use these extensively and share their important feedback on bugs and issues. We develop effective business apps by following the core value you offer. The cost of hiring a programmer varies from location to location.

A Games For Any And Every Screen

However, many advanced tools enable us to manage projects created for customers from all around the globe. It totally depends on the nature of the gaming app our client wants to develop with our assistance. Unity has a better tool base and resources for the development of games. Yes we have extensively used HTML5 for developing gaming android games. We have highly experienced developers who are highly trained in using HTML5. Our team leaders develop unique blueprints for every new mobile app for game development.

The whole process from the thorough selection of possible candidates to the approval of the final stuff and the start of work took 2.5 months. Newxel hires a mobile game developer only after approval of the candidacy by the customer. Mobile Game Development Company Thus, the client received the best specialists in the field of game development at his disposal. No matter whether you want 2D visuals for your game or 3D visuals, our animators can design the best visuals for your gaming app.

Interactive Mobile Game Development Solutions

Also, we pay high attention to making your games attractive and easy to use. We create games with beautiful user interfaces and our programmers can make use of all hardware features like gravity sensors, accelerometers, multi-touch controls etc. We also make responsive designs so that can easily fit on to different screen sizes. Obviously, achieving such ambitious goals requires first-class developers who are not only well-qualified but also are committed to the company’s values and share common goals with it. Working offshore they still should be highly motivated, able to create flawless products, proactive, innovative, and united in a single powerful team. Fortunately, Newxel’s operating model allows creating such teams from scratch within the shortest possible time frame.

Working With The Best Game App Developers For Hire

And its different licensed games for Family Guy, Futurama, and even Snoopy. The release of their original IP, Twist, comes as a great surprise, as it dabbles in different gaming genres, namely choose your own adventure. Google offers its own app service, Google Play, in which customers can download apps a la Apple’s app store. Tencent has been so successful in the mobile market that they’ve surpassed revenues of $500 billion.

Netmarble Games

DeNa’s motto, ‘Delight and Impact the World’, is a great way to sum up the company. They released Fire Emblem Heroes, earning them a hefty profit in downloads and capital. Peak Games has been having a good couple of years with their release of Toy Blast—a puzzle game reminiscent of Candy Crush Saga—earning them millions. The game itself has over 1000 levels, something that will definitely keep you playing for a long time. You can download nearly any app effortlessly and get right into the game in minutes. This feature alone, accessibility, puts Apple above many companies by default.

It is well known in the developer community, as an innovator with a fresh perspective on the industry and a creator of exciting and engaging games of various formats and genres. Unreal Engine is one of the most modern platforms for mobile game development. Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine enables the game developers to deliver realistic graphics and visually appealing gaming environments to the users. PineSucceed being the leading game development company also offers quality assistance for all of your iOS gaming app needs. We have developed some of the most popular iOS gaming apps used by millions of iPhone and iPad users worldwide. Cooperation with Newxel resulted in setting up the team consisting of 5 hand-picked video game developers.

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